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  June 2012

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As summer is upon us and there are many activities in our lives that take precedence, we want you to know that companies are still looking for quality talent, and quality talent is still available. Let us help you make that connection! Call for your free consultation on how we can help you find the right talent in your supply chain.

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Pamela Day

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LinkedIn - A Marketing Tool?
As a professional in this digital age of business, we all understand that we should have a LinkedIn profile. But are you utilizing this network correctly? LinkedIn has become crucial in identifying an individual as a viable job candidate or recruiter, but it goes beyond that - it is about marketing.

Is Your Candidate Pool Unattractive? What's Wrong?
The candidates that apply for your job are often a direct reflection - of you! Maybe not you personally, or even your company - but a direct reflection of the job description. Appealing to your ideal candidate requires you to craft a job description that goes beyond just listing job duties.
Interview Signs of a Potential Bad Hire
If you’ve been involved in supply chain hiring for any length of time, you know what a bad hire means: underequipped to perform the job’s responsibilities, not motivated to bring their “A” game to a supply chain workplace, or simply not a good “fit.” Worse yet, bad hires can demoralize an office and set back your company in terms of productivity for a long time. Learn what signs you should be on the lookout for.
Generation Y and Their Impact on Your Supply Chain
The workforce is expanding as Generation Y grows up, which is causing a major demographic shift. Recruiting Gen Y into supply chain and distribution positions requires that you understand their nuances and their attitude towards work.

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