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  July 2013

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The hiring decisions a company makes greatly impact a supply chain company's ability to gain a competitive edge. But falling prey to a common hiring mistake could cost organizations the ability to hire top talent - costing them the opportunity to gain an advantage in the marketplace. In this issue of our email newsletter, we address these issues and what a company can do to avoid common recruiting mistakes and hire the talent neccesary to put their organization on top.

We hope these articles are helpful to you when making staffing and hiring decisions. If we may be of any assistance in your hiring needs, please let us know!

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Are You Gaining a Competitive Edge in Your Supply Chain?
To obtain - and retain - a competitive edge in the supply chain is no easy feat. But many companies overlook a simple thing that can give you an immediate edge: your talent. Your processes can be streamlined and you can be offering a great product, but if you don't have the industry's top talent on your roster, you will struggle to gain a competitive edge. Here are several tips for what type of employee you should hire to help you gain a competitive advantage.

Top Hiring Mistakes (and how to avoid them!)
Just because you have an open supply chain position doesn't mean that qualified talent is applying. A possible reason for this? You may be making a hiring mistake (without even realizing it) that is costing you chances to hire top talent. Here are common hiring mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.
Supply Chain is Proving to be a Great Career Choice!
Every year, the supply chain industry continues to prove itself as a sound career choice with countless job opportunities. With demand for qualified talent exceeding the number of available professionals, companies must go to greater lengths to attract, hire, and then retain top talent. Continue reading for several recent statistics on employment in the supply chain industry.

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