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  October 2014

Dear Reader-

Many people in the job market get frustrated because their resumes just don't do them justice and make them stand out among the masses trying to get the same opportunity.  Check out our featured article today where I was quoted.  In my 10+ years of recruiting - I have rarely come across a resume that is good to go.  

We also have a service you can find at - where you can get personal help in marketing yourself.  This includes free webinars and other helps.  This service will help anyone in the marketplace where or not they are in the supply chain discipline or not.  See what people are saying -  

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the services you and your team provide.  Your guidance and encouraging webinars helped me get my current position. Also, my fiancé used your services after being laid off from his bank manager position and now he is employed as a bank manager at another bank. We recommend your site to everyone.  Thank you for your invaluable service.”
-Diana B.

This can help people just getting started in their career - high school and college students, as well as experienced people and executives.  Check it out at

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