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February 2016

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How Can You Give a Great Video Interview to Land the Job         

Not quite a phone interview, and also not a face-to-face interview, the video interview is a beast all its own and job seekers need to develop a distinct mentality when going into a video interview. 

What Should You Focus on If You Haven't Made a Hiring Decision in a Long Time? 

If your company is looking to start hiring again, you need to reexamine you old hiring process and consider overhauling and modernizing it.

Does Your Company Need a Transportation Management System? 

A transportation management system offers numerous benefits to organizations that use them, but is one right for your organization? 

What Do You Need to Develop Supply Chain Talent?

In order to compensate for the lack of supply chain talent, your organization will have to develop skilled supply chain workers internally.

Hello Reader,

It has been warmer than usual in Idaho this past week and has me thinking about Spring, planting trees, gardening, etc.

We are recruiting for Commodity Managers/Strategic Sourcing talent, Comptrollers and Sales Engineers. Please feel free to pass our information along to your hiring managers, HR partners and talented people you know!

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