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April 2017

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A Job Offer Isn’t a Mathematical Equation

Yes, the compensation part of a job offer is very important and no one would begrudge you for taking a job just for a dump truck of cash to be emptied onto your front lawn.

The Most Important Part of the Interview Isn't Talking About Your Skills

Your interview planning should go beyond developing answers to expected questions. It’s also wise to consider how you’ll connect with your interviewer on a personal level.

How Can You Learn About Your Candidate's Personality?

In fact, some companies will even prioritize a candidate with a “winning” personality over someone with the proper “hard skills” who seems like a bad cultural fit, especially if the hard skills in question can be learned on the job

Which Skills Are Successful in Blockchain?

Although it was first designed for financial transactions, businesses of all sorts are getting innovative with blockchain, using it to document, track and confirm trades of any product or asset. From ride-sharing to cloud storage to voting, all kinds of industries have started to see the value of blockchain.

Hello Reader,

For all the job seekers:  It’s important that you understand the following realities about Staffing and Recruiting Firms:

1.  Most specialize in a specific industry, profession or geographic location.
ACTION ITEM: You must identify if the recruiters you are using specialize in the type of job you are seeking.

2. When companies hire recruiting firms to provide them with talent, they are very specific about the education, skills, experience and job stability they require. This greatly limits who recruiting firms can present to their various clients.
ACTION ITEM: Review your resume or CV. If you do not have the education, skills, experience or job stability required, you may have more success by either changing your job target or applying directly to companies.

3. Staffing and Recruiting Firms also specialize in different segments of the job market. Some place only full-time positions, some specialize in temporary jobs and others focus on higher level long term contracts. There are also firms who consider themselves blended who place in more than one segment of the profession.
ACTION ITEM: Work with recruiters who specialize in the type of job you are seeking. If you want to work as a contractor, identify contract staffing firms in your niche or area of interest.

4. Recruiters don’t have time to provide daily or weekly updates. They spend most of their time reaching out to their clients trying to market your abilities, to schedule interviews for you. They often represent 200+ candidates and if they constantly reached out to them, they would have no time to find you a job.
ACTION ITEM: Contact your recruiter if you change information on your resume or schedule interviews on your own. This helps your recruiter fine tune their search efforts on your behalf and not duplicate any of your efforts.

Recruiters only earn commissions if they place their candidate in a job – so they have a vested interest to place you. However, if you are not in their area of specialization, want to work in a segment they don’t represent and lack experience or job stability, often their hands are tied.

Take time to RESEARCH the Staffing and Recruiting Firm Recruiter who places in your area of expertise, and you will greatly enhance your chance of success.

Kind Regards,

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