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October 2017

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Hot Job: Inside Sales Manager - LTL/Transportation

Check out an awesome opportunity for a supply chain professional looking to make their own mark on a newly created position!

You vs. the Competition – How Do You Win That Battle and Land the Job Offer?

When applying for a job, you might have sent in a sterling cover letter and resume with strong credentials. However, there will likely be other applicants with very similar documents.There are several approaches to standing out and the method you choose should be based on your personality, the industry, the job and the workplace culture of the potential employer.

Your LinkedIn Profile Reveals What You Think Is Important With Your Job

You may not realize it, but your LinkedIn profile can indicate a lot about you as a professional. If your profile is a bare-bones, facts-only affair, hiring managers won’t see you as someone with a dynamic personality. On the other hand, if your profile is warm and vibrant, you’ll be seen as someone who puts the ‘social’ in social media

Improve the Onboarding Process When Hiring Outside the Supply Chain Industry

Most companies like to hire candidates from inside their industry, often from a competitor or adjacent organization. This rather conservative hiring tendency results in a limited pool of candidates to select from. Supply chain departments and companies can and should hire from outside the industry. 

Hello Reader,

What if you don't like your new boss?
Most people who quit their job are quitting a PERSON, not the company or the job. If you do not click with the person who is your manager, you are probably setting yourself up for failure.

Also, consider the fact that this person is probably on their BEST behavior during the interview process. They normally don't get better, they get worse! Save yourself and the company time and money by withdrawing yourself from consideration.

This is no different than someone who thinks they can change someone after they get married. Unfortunately, what you see is what you get and people don't change. You don't have to LOVE your boss, but you do have to like them. After all, your workplace is where you're going to spend most of your waking hours. 

Kind Regards,

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