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April 2019

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Get Lucky During Your Next Interview – Follow These 3 Out-Of-The-Box Ways to Impress Your Interviewer

Let’s face it: There’s a bit of personal luck involved when it comes to landing a job. All you can do as a job seeker is put yourself in a position to get lucky. The best way to do that is to impress your interviewer. When you impress your interviewer, you separate yourself from most of the other applicants in contention for the position.

How to Set SMART Goals for Your Supply Chain Career 

Goal setting is an effective habit and can be an almost therapeutic process.It’s critically important, however, to set goals correctly. Too often, people consider only final outcomes without taking into consideration the small benchmark goals. Or, they set goals that are not big enough.One highly effective way to set goals is to use a method called SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, Time-bound). SMART guidelines can keep you from getting discouraged, helping you to actually achieve your goals.

Low-Balling a Job Offer Will Cost You More Than Their Salary!

Obviously, companies don’t want to overpay for anything, but the effort to keep labor costs down shouldn’t result in a company consistently making low-ball offers to applicants.Low-ball offers actually cost businesses far greater than what they save, and it’s crucial for hiring managers to realize the significance of paying people what they are worth. If you are in the position to make job offers, think about the following costs associated with making low-ball offers to applicants.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Supply Chain Career

A career in the supply chain industry can be very rewarding, but like most things, it isn’t easy.Regardless of how you prepare to start a new career, there’s usually something unpredicted that pops up and makes you wish you had known about it beforehand. This can be particularly true with a supply chain career, where success calls for a wide array of skills and knowledge.

Dear Reader,

May you understand true Love this season!

Love was when God became a man, Locked in time and space without rank or place
Love was God born of Jewish kin, Just a carpenter with some fishermen
Love was when Jesus walked in history, Lovingly He brought a new life that's free
Love was God nailed to bleed and die, To reach and love one such as I

Love was when God became a man, Down where I could see love that reached to me
Love was God dying for my sin, And so trapped was I my whole world caved in
Love was when Jesus rose to walk with me, Lovingly He brought a new life that's free
Love was God only He would try, To reach and love one such as I
- Jon E. Walvoord, Don Wyrtzen

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