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February 2020

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Hot Job: Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt (Continuous Improvement Manager)

Continuous improvement managers monitor and improve organizational processes. It is their responsibility to identify areas where a company can become more efficient and reduce costs. Continuous improvement managers typically work in manufacturing, acting as internal consultants who develop short-term and long-term strategies for the organization, incorporating Six Sigma, Agile, and other process improvement methodologies.

Is it OK to Text Employers During the Hiring Process?

We typically think of texting as a pretty informal way of communicating, and maybe not appropriate for professional interactions, but a recent Jobvite survey revealed 43 percent of hiring managers actually do reach out to candidates via text message.

5 Reasons You Should Always Answer a Recruiter’s LinkedIn Message

Getting a random LinkedIn message from a recruiter can trigger all kinds of feelings. At first, you’ll probably feel flattered that someone thinks you’re well-qualified for a position they’re trying to fill. You might also feel nervous about responding, annoyed because you have a great job you don’t want to leave or conflicted about whether you should respond.

Maximize Your Talent Pipeline by Utilizing Social Media

Social media is everywhere, and just about every company is on social media, but is your company getting the most out of its social media investment, especially when it comes to recruiting?

Hello Reader,

Why Should Someone Hire You Over Your Competition? 

If you don’t know the answer to this question, an employer is not going to take time to figure it out! The answer to this question should be included in your cover letter, resume and all forms of communication. Think for a moment of the VALUE you bring to the table. Review your experience and credentials and determine how they will benefit a future employer.  

Even if you have identical credentials to someone else, what makes you better? What has been said about you in past performance reviews? How would your boss, peers or subordinates describe you? What did you do to earn promotions, raises or special recognition in your career? Those are all reasons someone SHOULD hire you over your competition!

Pamela Day!

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